SOULGASM:  soul-gasm (sol-gaz-uhm)

  1. Authentic expression of the True Self; being who you’ve been created to be.
  2. The result of an individual coming into their authentic being and living their highest purpose, typically due to a necessary level of self-awareness, self-love and self-acceptance.
  3. The physical or emotional sensation resulting from the stimulation of the soul via personal revelations, synchronistic events, spiritual experiences, or moments of a deep, irrefutable “knowing” that one is connected to everyone and everything and that there is an intricate intelligence behind all of creation.


A “Provocative and Life-Altering Experience”

In this spiritually-guided event that is revered as a “provocative and life-altering experience”, literally ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!  Be inspired, enlightened and entertained by impromptu CHANNELLING of messages from Source Consciousness by Dan King in the brash and unapologetic way only he delivers!  All of it soul-stirring.  All of it life-changing.  All of it authentic AF.

PLUS – an audience Q & A where you can ASK Dan ANYTHING!!!

“Listening to Dan speak has without a doubt changed who I am for the rest of my life. It is impossible for me to explain how much of a positive effect he has had on me. I know that I will never forget his words and all that he has taught me.”

Janessa R.


In this exclusive and all-inclusive FULL DAY event, Dan reveals the fundamental truths about the human experience and how to maximize your life in a fun and easy-to-understand way that relates to every single human being.
At SOULgasm: INtensive, you will also be guided through simple and proven ways to use the information you’ll be exposed to into your daily life for undeniable results that actually last!

Most personal development/spiritual workshops require several days of commitment and thousands of dollars but, frankly, that never really jived with me. If I’m being totally honest, I think it’s bullshit, in fact. I want my work, my message and this unprecedented event to be accessible to everyone! So, I’ve condensed what I feel are the most fundamental and impactful pieces of information I’ve come to know, and the step-by-step transformative methods I’ve used for the undeniable transformation and healing of myself and my clients and jam-packed it all into one single day at a rare affordable cost.

Breakthroughs always happen. Healing always takes place. There’s just no words for what goes down at SOULgasm: INtensive. There’s really nothing else like it.


If you’re on any kind of spiritual journey, consistency is key. I mean, anything accomplished in any aspect of life is done through repetition.

You can’t go to the gym, do one rep or take one step and expect results, right?!

Simply put, if you want to develop your best self; if you want to go as far as you can go with living your best life, it’s necessary to “Just. Keep. Going”.  this is why I was guided to create this ALL-NEW event.

The purpose and goal of the exclusive MOMENTUM events is to share with you WHAT MATTERS MOST at that point in time, both collectively and individually.

These events are INTUITIVELY and specifically designed for those who are already into this “healing”, “spirituality”, “self-love”, “conscious living”, or what I like to call “just creating a kick ass life for my damn self” goodness and who want to truly keep the momentum going for the quickest and best results.

So, what’s gonna go down?

Who the fuck knows. It will literally all be channelled information, so I won’t even know until the day of the event. All I know is that the information shared will be exactly what we collectively and individually need to know, as both will be covered.

There will be timely messages for the group during the talk portion of the event, and then we’ll cover what YOU need to know for your personal journey as everyone in attendance gets to ask a question for themselves.

Healing and coaching in person, via phone or video chat (yes virtual works the same as it does in person). Book your session now to start your journey back to you.
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Dan can tailor his message for any group or business! Want increased productivity and revenue? Want to cut the gossip and toxicity out of your workplace? Boom. Done.
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